Dental pain is one of the worst pains to endure. It feels neverending and there aren’t very many great remedies to lessen the pain from home. The primary cause of a toothache is tooth decay. However, toothaches can emerge due to gum disease, inflammation of the innermost layer of your tooth (the pulp), injury from a trauma (such as a sports injury), sinus infections, dental abscesses, and more. If you’re dealing with impacted teeth, you will also experience a toothache even though you might not be able to see the problem. You’ll likely experience a dull, aching feeling associated with increased teeth sensitivity. To help you avoid suffering through a toothache, there are a few ways to manage the pain until you can get to your dentist’s office.


Managing Toothaches and Dental Pain

If you can get to your dentist, do so as soon as possible to quickly address the underlying cause of your toothache. If you can’t get in to see your dentist for whatever reason, you’ll want to find some relief for the pain. One way to do this is to apply a cold compress to the area that’s sore or causing you pain. The cold will help numb the area and bring immediate relief to your aches. Another thing you’ll want to do is seek out an anti-inflammatory oral medicine or topical cream. There are a number of over-the-counter options for these. If you think that your ache or pain is caused by an exposed root or nerve, try a numbing cream sold at the pharmacy for relief. Finally, use a warm saltwater rinse to help bring down any swelling.


Preventing Toothaches and Dental Pain

Rather than waiting until you get a toothache, prevention is key. While sports injuries or sinus infections can’t be as easily prevented, there are some things to do to reduce the chances you’ll experience a toothache. The best way to do this is to practice good dental hygiene. Make sure that you’re regularly brushing your teeth for two full minutes, twice a day, using a toothbrush that works for your sensitivity levels. Most dentists recommend a soft-bristled brush to avoid damaging your gums that’s paired with fluoride toothpaste to help keep your enamel strong. It’s also important to floss every day, even if you don’t feel like you need to. Avoid eating too much sugar and foods that have a high acidity. Finally, see your dentist for a professional cleaning and exam every 6 months to eliminate tartar buildup before it progresses to tooth decay.

Pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right, so if you experience any dental pain at all, it’s important to see your dentist. Even if you’re able to control it and it seems like it goes away, the original source of the pain will eventually cause it to return. If you’re experiencing a toothache, schedule an appointment with one of the dentists at Artistic Dental. Our professionals can help make sure that your teeth are in the best condition possible to prevent any toothaches and are able to address the underlying problems if you experience one. To schedule an appointment or learn more about how we can help prevent dental pain, call us today at 602-840-5400.