New year, new habits, new smileYour smile should light up the room! To make it possible, start the new year saying, “Out with those old, smile dimming habits, and in with some new smile sparkling routines.”  To make it happen, we have put together a list of habits to break and habits to make 2019,  the year of your best smile.

Replace your toothbrush!

The ADA says you should replace your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months (Do you even remember when you last replaced yours?

Time yourself!

For the healthiest smile, dentists recommend time brushing your chompers two full minutes. Make it easy, use the stopwatch on your phone.

Don’t be so hard on yourself!

Literally—brush softer. According to, a lot of people brush their teeth much harder than they need to for an effective cleaning. Over muscling the tooth brush can tear up your gums. That’s definitely not something to smile about.

Stand up!

At least– get your toothbrush to stand. Storing your toothbrush upright, with nothing covering the head, is the best way to keep germs off your bristles.

Don’t forget the tongue!

Brush your teeth and then—brush your tongue. Plaque builds up on teeth and tongues. Not only can it lead to oral health problems- it causes bad breath.

Add fluoride!

Flouride is not just for kids. Grown up teeth need it too. Fluoride fights tooth decay, helps tooth sensitivity and provides a protective barrier for your teeth. Use a fluoride toothpaste but also get periodic fluoride treatments at the dentist.

Waterpik to the rescue!

Hate flossing? You’re not alone, but it is key to keeping your teeth free of cavities.  If threading floss between your teeth is simply not your bag– try a Waterpik tool or something similar. The Waterpik shoots a thin stream of water into the mouth, dislodging food particles, cleaning all those nooks and crannies among your teeth. It’s definitely more fun than flossing and just as effective.

Rinse, Repeat!

Think about adding a mouth wash to your daily routine. Rinsing with mouthwash is a great way to rid your gum lines of bacteria to prevent plague. It also freshens your breath (always a good thing) and depending on the brand— it can help whiten your teeth.


Drinking a lot of water is important for your overall health but it’s also really good for your teeth! After you eat, drink a big glass of water. This helps wash off any sugar or acid clinging to your teeth which in turn, prevents tooth decay! Not a bad trade off. I know we’ve mentioned it before—but this is also a breath improver.

Step into our office!

Book your next dentist appointment so you’re proactively staying in control of your dental care and health . Regulary scheduled dentist appointments, make for shorter, easier cleanings.  They also ensure any oral health issues, get caught and treated early.

Ready, set DAZZLE!

Follow these steps and 2019 will be the year of your dazzling smile! To learn more about Artistic Dental or to schedule a complimentary appointment to discuss cosmetic and whitening treatment options, visit