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Tips for Finding Phoenix Orthodontics Experts

According to the Medical Dictionary, orthodontics can be defined as: The dental specialty concerned with the correction of irregularities of tooth placement and in the relationship of the upper teeth to the lower (occlusion). People of all ages may need orthodontics for a variety of reasons to create or maintain aligned and healthy teeth. With so many options, the task of choosing an orthodontist can seem overwhelming. Here are some tips for finding Phoenix orthodontics experts: Research The first step in the process should be to research orthodontics in your area. For example, when you search Phoenix Orthodontics online you [...]

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Staff Picks: Lunch Spots in the Biltmore Area

Artistic Dental is conveniently located, just south of Camelback Road and west of 24th Street. We are fortunate to have our office in the Biltmore area surrounded by some of the best shopping and restaurants. As a locally owned dental practice, we especially like to support the locally owned restaurants in the area. While there are many to choose from, here is a list of our staff’s favorites: 5 favorite Biltmore area lunch spots: Grassroots Kitchen & Tap: This family-owned restaurant opened its second location in our neighborhood in 2014 (lucky for us!) Lunch and dinner is served daily. The [...]

National Dental Hygiene Month: The Truth About Hygiene Tips

To celebrate the work of dental hygienists and to help raise awareness on the importance of good oral health, the American Dental Association has named October National Dental Hygiene Month. Your oral health can be an indicator of your overall health, so it is important to maintain it. The internet is full of dental hygiene “tips and tricks” about brushing, whitening, flossing, etc. But how do you know what is true and what isn’t? In this blog, we will be investigating these claims and answering some of the most frequent questions with our professional advice to keep your mouth healthy [...]

5 things your Phoenix cosmetic dentist should tell you

A great smile can transform how you feel about yourself; it is often the first thing you present to people you encounter. Cosmetic dentistry includes a variety of treatment options and is always evolving with new technologies. If you are thinking about improving your smile, read on for the 5 things your Phoenix cosmetic dentist should tell you: Who is Invisalign a match for? Invisalign isn’t for everybody. For more severe cases it is best to use traditional braces. But for more mild cases involving gapped teeth, overbite or underbite, Invisalign can be an ideal option. It’s important that patients [...]

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Searching for a pediatric dentist in Phoenix: What you need to know

The search for a dentist for your child can seem overwhelming at first. You want to find the best pediatric dentist in Phoenix to take care of your child’s teeth but you don’t know what to look for. It is generally recommended that a child visit a dentist for the first time by the age of two. At such a young age, it is essential to find a dentist that takes good care of your child's teeth while making your child feel comfortable so that first visit is enjoyable. To start your search we recommend making a checklist to help [...]

5 reasons why Dr. Dougherty is the best dentist in Phoenix

There are many dentists in the Valley of the Sun, but we think Dr. John P. Dougherty is the best dentist in Phoenix — along with Dr. Adhikari, of course. Dr. Dougherty has been practicing dentistry for more than two decades, but it’s not just his years of experience that set him apart, it’s his dedication to educating his patients, himself and the Artistic Dental team to always offer the best options and treatments available. Launching his private practice, Artistic Dental at the Biltmore in 2000, Dr. Dougherty provides comprehensive dental care, taking an integrative approach in treating patients from [...]

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What are press on veneers?

Press on veneers are a cosmetic dental treatment that are very effective when you have issues with the front teeth and wish to have a more attractive smile. Press on veneers differ from traditional veneers but the goal is the same – to perfect and produce a more confident smile. In this blog, we examine the differences of press on veneers versus traditional veneers to help you determine what is the best fit for you. What are press on veneers? Press on veneers are a temporary, removable dental device that gives you the appearance of a perfect smile. They are [...]

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Do I need Novocain with dental deep cleaning?

Just the words, dental deep cleaning can seem intimidating. Most people are familiar with a standard teeth cleaning (at least we hope so), but many people have never heard of dental deep cleaning and as a result, they don’t know what it entails or why they might need it. This uncertainty can lead to a lot of anxiety. Before worrying if you need this procedure, it is best to learn more. There are a number of reasons your dentist or hygienist might recommend a dental deep cleaning to prevent or treat gum and periodontal disease. What is dental deep cleaning? [...]

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5 tips for back-to-school

In the blink of an eye the kids will be back at school, which means life will most likely be a bit busier in a few short weeks. Before getting overwhelmed with all that needs to get done to prepare, let us help with a quick checklist: 1. Schedule back-to-school dental and doctor exams July may be prime summer vacation time, but it is also a good time to schedule a trip to your dentist for a routine checkup. It can be tough to squeeze an appointment in once school is back in full swing and it is important to [...]

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What is a tooth crown and when do you need one?

A tooth crown is a prosthetic device that is cemented onto existing teeth or implants. Crowns have been used to treat a variety of dental issues for hundreds of years. There are many uses for crowns such as: Cover & support- crowns are often used to cover and support a tooth with a large filling when there isn't enough tooth left Attach a bridge- may be recommended if you're missing one or more teeth Protect- crowns can be used to protect a weak tooth from breaking or restore one that's already broken Cover- crowns are often used to cover dental [...]

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